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Posted by: Quaz

About: Siudmak rules!

Date: 07/03/04

Time: 11:45 PM
So, now Flovi is on the regular updating schedule. Check this site out on Mondays and Fridays, the new Flovi strip should be here. Well, the auto-update script seems to work nicely so everything should be all right.

But I wanted to talk about something else. About an artist. Today I went with Dizzz to an exposition of paitings. The author's name is Wojciech Siudmak. Well, in short words - this man rules. About his style: he claims to be a fantastic hyperrealist. I'd call him the Polish Salvador Dali. If you like Dali you MUST check Siudmak out (in case you don't know him already, he is rather well known). If you don't like Dali or don't even know him, check Siudmak out too, because he has a style distinct enought to make his works unique. In my opinion Siudmak beats Valleyo, Royo and many more modern painters. Sure, most of them can paint as good as Siudmak, but Siudmak has IMAGINATION. Not just simple, usual imagination, he has THE IMAGINATION.

Just check out his homepage: www.siudmak.pl/index_eng.html. You can also search the web for some more Siudmak's works since his homepage has a really low-resolution gallery. But you still won't be able to see what I've seen today - big live-resolution canvases :P. Damn, I'm mean ;).

I'd like to say thanks to Dizzz since she showed me Siudmak for the first time (well, she showed me a lot of great stuff through the course of life ;)). Thank you, Darling!

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